September 30, 2008

Felt Macaron Plushies

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Motivated by my fascination with macarons, I had the need to make some of my own last month. Not edible ones, of course. Just macarons sewn by hand. :) I used sheets of acrylic felt, of which I have an abundance, to make the food plushies. Below are raspberry, original (almond) and chocolate flavors. Their sizes are true to life.

©2008 Yuzu Eats

It's officially autumn now, but the weather is much like that of midsummer. This week we're having temps of 80-100ºF (25-40ºC). As much as I love the longer days of summertime, I'm done with the heat. I want it to get cold already! I feel like baking pumpkin bread or something autumny like that.

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At 10/08/2008 6:24 AM, Blogger tigerfish said...

I definitely prefer the cooler temp but why am I saying this when I am not there to even feel midsummer temp in autumn! ....

Cute macarons...

At 10/08/2008 8:19 AM, Blogger Yuzu said...

Thanks, Tigerfish. :) It's still hot here, but it's supposed to drop about thirty degrees in a few days...thank goodness!


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