December 4, 2007

Green Tea Muffins

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I went to the ophthalmologist last week and found out I have a bacterial infection in both of my eyes, so I've been on antibiotic eye-drop medication for about six days now. I am back at work today, and so far my eyes are doing okay. I just can't strain them too much by reading a whole lot. So what am I doing? I'm blogging! ;P

Picked up some green tea muffin mix at Trader Joe's last week and baked them for my parents, who love to drink green tea. I'd tried them previously when someone baked them at work, but wanted to give them a go myself. I used my jumbo muffin pan for the first time, and the batter was the perfect amount to make six plump muffins. I added a few pinches of sugar to the mix because I personally like green tea a little sweet. The muffins came out yummy, moist and not very sweet at all. I think I found a good balance of sweetness because they were sweet enough for me (a sweet tooth), yet not too sweet for my parents (who aren't into sweets as much as I am).

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I finally watched Rent, the movie based on one of my most favorite Broadway musicals ever. I had really low expectations of it because you can never be too sure about stage-to-screen adaptations. But it was surprisingly good! I've watched it twice already. My Rent CDs are back in rotation after a few weeks' hiatus.

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At 12/04/2007 8:26 PM, Blogger mushroommeadows said...

THANK YOU for this blog. Those muffins look scrumptious. I have to make these soon, along with the pumpkin bread. ( i need to bake soon or else i don't know what i'll do). That green tea guy is SO ADORABLE!!!

By the way, I hope your eyes get better. Do you know how you got the infection?

At 12/04/2007 8:42 PM, Blogger Yuzu said...

Aww, thank you, mushroom! ♥ I'm glad you like my blog...and my drawing. :)

I don't know where I caught the infection. No one I know had it, so it must've been at some public place. I'm always so paranoid about getting germs from strangers...for this very reason! My eyes look better, at least. They used to be really bloodshot. O__o I just need to keep using my prescription eye drops and avoid rubbing my eyes, and I should be fine.

At 12/04/2007 8:56 PM, Blogger mushroommeadows said...

Thanks for the info. I am totally scared of getting eye infections especially because I tend to rub my eyes a lot due to my contact lenses. I normally just put on a lot of mascara, and that normally prevents me from touching my eyes. :)

Do you know any interesting recipes to use in the waffle machine? ;) I want the Hello Kitty popcorn machine but I haven't read any reviews on it!

At 12/04/2007 9:04 PM, Blogger Yuzu said...

I don't wear mascara because I think it makes my eyes look bigger, and they're big enough for me. :) Hee hee. But it's good that it keeps you from rubbing your eyes. I tend to rub my eyes due to contact lens irritation as well.

As for the Hello Kitty waffle machine, just use regular pancake batter. I use the store-bought boxed mixes and just add milk. Tastes good to me, and I just top the Hello Kitty waffles with whipped cream and fruit. Quick & easy!

At 12/04/2007 9:24 PM, Blogger flora said...

What is this blog? It is yumminess overload? I can't take it anymore! Everything looks so good!!! Drool... :o

At 12/06/2007 4:22 AM, Blogger tigerfish said...

I did not know TJ have green tea muffin mix. Gosh, I miss Trader Joes. I think I need to stock up some stuff from TJs the next time I'm back in CA, and "smuggle" them to Taiwan.

At 12/06/2007 10:43 AM, Blogger Yuzu said...

Flora, thank you! Your comment made me laugh. :D

Tigerfish, you should 'smuggle' as much food as you can! Haha. TJ's is so much fun to shop at because they have cool food stuffs that you won't find at regular markets.

At 12/30/2007 11:42 AM, Blogger BuddingCook said...

i should try this! i love green tea. and my grandma in law loves it too. :D

At 12/30/2007 5:44 PM, Blogger Yuzu said...

If you get a chance to pick up a box of this green tea muffin mix, you should totally give 'em a try, Budding Cook. They're easy and delicious!


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