June 22, 2006

Frango Mint Chocolates

A cool thing about traveling is eating/buying foods you can't get when you're at home. One such treat is Frango Chocolates. You can buy them at Marshall Field's, a huge department store in Chicago. I bought several boxes of their famous mint chocolates when I was there this week, as well as a little box of raspberry chocolates (which are quite tasty). The texture of the chocolate is very smooth and melts nicely on the tongue. Perhaps this was just because it's been so humid lately (especially in the Midwest), and the chocolate would already be melting before I ate any, but still...it's got a good consistency.

©2006 Yuzu Eats

The Frango chocolates pictured above are special-edition pink mint chocolates. They taste the same as the regular mint chocolates, the only difference being the color of the outer chocolate layer. Part of the proceeds of this special pink edition goes to breast cancer research. I love buying things that are pink, and it's especially cool when some of the money gets donated to such a worthy cause.

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