May 27, 2006

Caprese Salad

Every time I see a ball of fresh mozzarella at the super market (at a good price), I have to buy it. I have quite a bit of mozzarella in my refrigerator right now. I'm also buying fresh basil leaves almost weekly, even if I have no plans to cook anything with basil. 'Cause I never know when I'm going to want a piece of basil to munch on!

One of my favorite dishes to eat with the above ingredients is Caprese salad. I wasn't into this type of salad too much until I ate it as a sandwich from the café at work. It was sandwiched between two pieces of ciabatta bread and had some balsamic vinegar mixed in there. Delicious! Below is a Caprese salad that I made as an appetizer for dinner earlier tonight.

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