March 17, 2006

Sakana No Bento

It's third Friday of Lent. Yes, that means I'm having another fishy bento for lunch! I had some fun with this one. ^__^ I cooked a batch of super sticky rice and formed some of it into the shape of a fish (no molds used here, just my hands). I put some tuna onto the center of the fish, and then topped it with another molded rice fish of the same size. I wrapped the bottom half of the fish in nori, cut out a nori eye & mouth and a carrot cheek, and then garnished with a carrot flower and curly parsley.

©2006 Yuzu Eats

The other tier of this bento contains a soy-sauce fish, carrot sticks
and food for the gods (a dessert that my mom baked)

Here's a closer look at the food for the gods

I showed this bento to my family before I sealed it and packed it in a kinchaku. They asked how I was planning on eating it. Like, if I was going to start with the face first and then work my way down to the tail. Haha! I guess I'll start with the face. Put it out of its misery, right?. ;P



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