February 21, 2006

Lucky Puffs

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I rarely eat Hostess Sno Balls®, but I sure do enjoy 'em when I do! For those who don't get these treats in their countries, Sno Balls are coconut- and marshmallow-covered chocolate cupcakes with cream filling. They normally come in white or pink, but check out these cool St. Patrick's Day-themed Sno Balls called Lucky Puffs.

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I forgot to take a picture of the cream filling before I scoffed it all down. Haha! I did a Google search and found that Hostess® also puts out some lavendar Sno Balls for Easter (to resemble Easter eggs, I suppose). If your grocery store or convenience store carries Hostess treats, look out for the cool-colored ones! The pink ones are still my favorite. :)



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