February 26, 2006

Croquette Pan

I remember the first time I tried croquette many years ago. It was at a Japanese restaurant. These delicious little breaded balls of yumminess were served as a side dish to the salmon teriyaki I had ordered. My first thought upon eating them was, 'Fried mashed potatoes!' Of course, croquette is a lot more than just mashed potato that's breaded and fried. Croquette includes vegetables, and sometimes even cheese, meat or poultry.

As I mentioned in a blog entry last year, I'm fascinated with the different types of breads that are offered in Japanese bakeries. One unique bread that I'd never seen before until this weekend was croquette pan. To take mashed veggies, bread the mixture, fry it, and then wrap it in dough and bake it - I call it tasty!

Vegetable croquette bread from a market in Little Tokyo

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