October 9, 2005

Japanese Hot Dog

I love Japanese bread. I can't decide if I love it more than I love French bread. I just love bread in general. Perhaps what I enjoy about eating Japanese bread in particular is that the skilled bakers at the Japanese bake shops find interesting ways to stuff their bread.

Enter the Japanese hot dog. I bought this as a snack today at Yokohama St. Honore inside Mitsuwa Marketplace. The 'bun' is kind of sweet and tastes close to King's Hawaiian Bread. What was extra special about this type of hot dog (and differentiates it from the Wetzel Dog at Wetzel's Pretzels) is that there's ketchup already in it! Well, more like...on top of it. The ketchup gets a bit dry, though, since it's put on the bread before being popped into the oven, but it still tastes good.

Who doesn't love wieners wrapped in ketchup bread?

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