February 6, 2006

Mango & Strawberry Gelato

It's right smack in the middle of winter right now, and one wouldn't think of eating a cold treat like ice cream during this season. But, hey, I live in southern California, and temperatures rarely drop below 45ºF. On Saturday when I was out shopping with my family, my brother-in-law and I stopped inside Melt Gelato to buy some of the delicious stuff. I ordered one scoop of mango and one scoop of strawberry.

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Gelato is a lot like American ice cream, but there are some differences. Among them, gelato is made with milk instead of cream. And there is a lot less air pumped into gelato than ice cream, making it denser. As a result, gelato tends to be higher in fat content than ice cream. But I still love the stuff! I eat more ice cream than gelato, but that's only because ice cream is so easy to get at the market. Gelato...not so much.
Melt Gelato
The Block at Orange
20 City Blvd. West
Suite 811
Orange, CA 92868

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