September 18, 2005

Tea Party

I went to my first-ever tea party today. It was so much fun! I'm not normally a tea drinker, but I had so many different kinds of tea today that I might start drinking hot tea on a regular basis (hooray for caffeine addiction!). I even went home with a variety of samples to help me on my way to tea madness. The pictures below are somewhat blurry because I was taking them in a hurry right before the food was eaten.

This was my fifth cup o' tea — I had to pee really badly afterward

Swedish punchrolls (that I didn't eat 'cause they looked too funky)

Mazarin — almond tarts with icing

Homemade lemon bars

Apple-flavored rose-shaped muffins

Miniature raspberry cheesecakes

Smoked salmon finger sandwiches

©2005 Yuzu Eats

I forgot to take pictures of a lot of the other foods that were there, including blueberry scones, cheese quiches, cucumber & ham sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, green-tea cake...not to mention all the different kinds of tea we drank (raspberry, mountain berry, apricot, kumquat). I'll post another entry tomorrow to show you guys what I baked for the tea party. ^__^


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