July 11, 2005

Doggy's Day Out

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We drove down to Corona Del Mar yesterday afternoon (it's sort of like the halfway point between Los Angeles and San Diego counties). It was a perfect day for a drive along the southern California coast. Here's my doggy sitting out on Pacific Coast Highway, enjoying an Ice-Blended® Green Tea from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

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I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love Coffee Bean. I really like the way coffee smells when it's brewing, but I don't like the taste of coffee at all. Whenever I go to Starbucks or Coffee Bean, I usually order a blended drink. Green tea is my favorite. At least from Coffee Bean. The one at Starbucks is total rubbish. Tastes like honeydew because of the melon syrup they put in it. Not a good combination, in my opinion. Maybe some people like it, but I don't. Coffee Bean's green tea drink uses a quality matcha, which is the best-tasting green tea.
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
2933 Pacific Coast Highway East, 3A
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
(949) 673-7062

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