June 15, 2005

Cookies By Design

Last night my sister brought a cookie bouquet home for her husband (he's a doctor, so that explains the "health care" theme of the bouquet). Isn't the bouquet so pretty? She ordered it from Cookies By Design.

My sister wanted to eat one right away, and I was kind'a curious myself as to how they taste. But I was afraid to take apart the bouquet because I didn't want to mess it up! My sister, brother-in-law and I each had one bear cookie. They were fresh, moist and delicious! And they're so BIG, too (about 6" tall)! There are still three bears left – I might want to eat another when I get home from work today.

My sister also bought a cookie just for me — it's a turtle! I haven't eaten it yet because it's too cute to eat. I might crack into it eventually, though, before it goes bad. =P

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